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Our amazing friends share inspirational words.

To the Tough Enough To Wear Pink Board:

What you do is making a difference in lives in this community each day. We are fully up and running with 3D tomosynthesis now at GVH. We are recommending 3D tomo to each patient, while still giving them the option for only 2D if that is what they want.  Last week, we had a patient come in for a routine mammogram. Our techs did a 2D tomo screening (I believe but have not confirmed the 2D was for “education”). The 2D came up completely clear. When our mammography tech did the 3D screening, there was a clear and glaring issue. Had we not had the 3D tomosynthesis machine that Tough Enough to Wear Pink so generously donated to GVH, we would have sent this individual home with a clear screening to return for an annual in 12 months. This machine is making the difference we all hoped for and we thank you!

– Nancy Osmundson


“Being diagnosed with breast cancer completely blindsided me. The stress of having cancer is more than enough to deal with. And then the financial impact creeps in. Tough Enough to Wear Pink contributing toward my out of pocket expenses took an enormous amount of stress off of me. I can’t imagine what my cancer experience would have been without the community support of Tough Enough to Wear Pink.”

– Lisa Lynch


“Cancer was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me. But honestly, I could not have been in a better place than Gunnison. I could not have asked for a better support network. For better doctors. For a better program than TETWP. I am currently finishing up treatment but the worst is over. This has changed me, my perspective. But for the better. I appreciate everything so much more than I had ever imagined precancer. I know I survived this horrible thing and have so much to live for. And I know a lot of that is thanks to TETWP. They changed this whole process for me. Made it doable. TETWP was in my corner for the fight of my life. Making sure I was taken care of and not giving up. They made me realize it was ok to pause some of my life to fight. To win. That I wasn’t being lazy or a charity case. But that I was getting the help that I needed to beat this. And I did win.”  Read Meagan’s story…

– Meagen Fraker


“I can honestly say that this has been the hardest thing I’ve had to endure. However, I knew I wasn’t alone in this process. TETWP came to my rescue, I had the honor of meeting Heidi and Cjay who showed up at my job and told me they would help me financially. Tears drop down my eyes as we sat there and talked, I was blessed to have met these wonderful human beings who didn’t even know me and were willing to help me out. This organization offers a lot to this community, and honestly without TETWP Gunnison patients would have to travel even more.” Read Adriana’s story…

-Adriana Villalobos