Letter to the Editor, Gunnison Country Times, July 25, 2019

Crested Butte enjoyed a special treat this week. Gail Mancuso, an award-winning director, who lives in Crested Butte part-time, has as her latest movie project with Universal
Studios, “A Dog’s Journey,” which is currently showing worldwide. Gail wanted to raise money for Tough Enough To Wear Pink (TETWP) and since the movie was not being shown in Crested Butte, she asked Universal Studios if they would agree to let her show the movie here one night and use it as a fundraiser for TETWP. The Majestic donated
their theater so we could show the movie, and it all came together!

On Tuesday, July 9, we auctioned off the seats at our TETWP songwriter auction and concert, and people bought tickets for $200 apiece, raising $20,000. The best part was that many of the people then donated the tickets back so that community members with cancer, kids from 4-H, volunteers from PAWS, local veterinarians and more could come enjoy the movie. A true community effort and connection with every part of this valley! It was shown on July 16, and Gail hosted a question and answer session after the movie for all those who were there to watch it. A lot of her inspiration while filming this move came from her connection and experiences in Crested Butte. It is looking like we will be close to raising $370,000 at the TETWP event over the past weeks, so that will take us over $3 million raised since 2005. This is a huge goal accomplished for TETWP and our community!

Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters of TETWP for making all of this happen.

Heidi Sherratt Bogart
Executive Director, Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough To Wear Pink