Breast Cancer Therapy Group

Cattlemen’s Days TETWP Breast Cancer Therapy Groups are held at 5:45 the last Monday of each month in the family medicine clinic next to Gunnison Valley Health at 707 N. Iowa in Gunnison. There is no cost for attendees.

This group is for anyone who is currently going through, has been through, or has been diagnosed with breast cancer. If you know anyone who might want to attend, please share the meeting details. They are welcome.

This group is very helpful, no matter what “stage” of breast cancer attendees are dealing with.  For those who are newly diagnosed, it is especially helpful to have people who have been through it to talk to about what is next and to be inspired and strengthened by their stories.

A reminder that Breast Cancer Therapy Group members can use their coupons for Integrative Therapies if it would be helpful.  For more information, please get in touch with Eva Paul, Integrative Therapies Coordinator, at Gunnison Valley Health (970) 648-7103.  They offer Reiki, Massage, Acupuncture, Healing Touch, and many more wonderful therapies. TETWP will cover these costs.

Details about meetings will be posted on our Facebook Events Page.