How to Get Assistance

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How TETWP works:

Residents of Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties (Lake City) who wish to access TETWP assistance must first go to their healthcare provider.  Those who do not have a health care provider may contact the Public Health offices who will refer them to a physician.  During an office visit with a physician, the physician will determine the need for a mammogram.  Age, family history and personal history are all part of the deciding factors leading to whether a mammogram is needed or not.  Only a physician can help you with this process.  Qualifying for a mammogram or diagnostic breast imaging service is at the physician’s discretion.  Like a prescription for medicine, the physician will fill out an order for a mammogram.  The patient then takes the prescription to Patient Financial Services at Gunnison Valley Health who will provide vouchers for those in need.

Click here for the Patient Assistance Fund Application PDF or DOCX

RobeTough enough to wear pink is an amazing asset to the people in our valley. The relationship between TETWP and Gunnison Valley Health has allowed us to bring home care and services that we would not be able to provide without their support.

I also had numerous women tell us thank you during the spa night. They had each been putting off their screening mammo due to financial reasons and TETWP’s support allowed us to provide those mammograms at no charge.

Just this week I had another patient tell us how much they appreciated being able to receive the care she needed in Gunnison. She had to travel to Denver for other issues in the past and was effusive about how much stress was lifted from her shoulders by the ability to get all of her tests and exams done just a few minutes from home.

-Kristen Polenz, Gunnison Valley Health