Pedal for Pink Summer 2021

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July 26th, 2021

Blaney Park, MI to Madison Charter, MI

What do ice cream, a goat, and Michigan have in common? Abby and Kevin saw all three last week.  Michigan had a lot of adventures and some good treats like ice cream at the Spotted Cow and muffins at a bakery.  You never know what you will see on the road and Abby actually got to meet some goats and their really nice owner.
Of course, the best place to clown around after a long day of cycling is a swimming pool! Abby is getting some leg muscles this summer.  Kevin says she’s “gonna need them soon!” Stay tuned to see how she uses those fit muscles.
Kevin said that the fog and humidity in Adrian, MI early in the morning one day was the most intense he had ever experienced. “It was about as humid as I can ever remember feeling. And I grew up in South Louisiana! I know humidity.”


Miles Pedaled to date: 3,048

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