Gunnison Tough Enough to Wear Pink Programs

Cattlemens Days Folded Ribbon Logo TM Gunnison Tough Enough to Wear Pink ProgramsAMAZING PROGRAMS FOR PATIENTS!

Gunnison Tough Enough to Wear Pink Programs offer assistance for patients and their families in the Gunnison Valley. Please read about them below and contact us for more information about any of our programs.


Friends of Pink

Friends of Pink

Friends of Pink patient assistance fund helps individuals in the Gunnison Valley impacted financially due to a breast cancer diagnosis.

Transportation Vehicles

Transportation Vehicles

Vehicles to safely transport Gunnison breast cancer patients to medical centers outside the area.

Breast Cancer Therapy Group

Pink Sisters Therapy Group

A group for anyone going through, having gone through or diagnosed with breast cancer.

Lucy's House

Lucy’s House

Lucy’s House provides a place to stay close to treatment centers, so instead of driving, more time can be spent healing. 

Team Smile

Team Smile

TETWP has teamed up with several companies to help you maintain your oral health during cancer treatment. 

Make It A Great Day

Make It A Great Day

Helps Gunnison Valley residents diagnosed with cancer with coupons for integrative therapy services.

Sparky's Fund

Sparky’s Fund

A scholarship fund for Gunnison County youth with a parent that has been diagnosed with cancer.

Mountain Nugget Bodywork Orthobionomy

Mountain Nugget
Bodywork Orthobionomy

Ortho-Bionomy® sessions for breast cancer patients in the Gunnison Valley.

Catalyst Coaching

Catalyst Coaching

Discounted life coaching sessions for breast cancer patients in the Gunnison Valley.

Blue Sky Cleaning TETWP Home Cleaning Service

Blue Sky Cleaning

Limited home cleaning for breast cancer patients in the Gunnison Valley.

Mammogram, Ultrasound, MRI and Biopsy Coverage for Uninsured or Underinsured


Lucy’s House

Gunnison Tough Enough to Wear Pink Programs: Lucy's HouseNorman and I love to spend our summers in CB, and for many years now have been honored to be proud supporters of TETWP. Last year we were unable to spend our summer in CB as planned. On June 6th, Norman was diagnosed w/stage 4 throat cancer. Our life immediately changed, as it does for anyone who receives the news of cancer. For the next 5 months we were consumed with a very serious 7 hour surgery and weeks recovering from that, only to begin 6 weeks of chemo and radiation everyday, M-F.

The numerous doctors appt, tests, chem, rad…all consumed our days. In addition, the stress and time involved getting to them all makes for very long days. We are fortunate to live in Dallas with all of the care we needed close by. It could take an hour in bad traffic to get to Baylor cancer center downtown, but it was doable, even every day. As we went through the treatments, seeing a lot of the same people daily, we’d find a certain strength as we all fought this same battle together. Talking with others and hearing their journeys, we found that others often have additional challenges.

One we heard many times over was the distance and time they were driving each day. Our worst case hour long drive was minimal compared to 3-4 hours each way that others were driving. Adding that additional stress to an almost unbearable situation was hard for us to imagine.

Norman and I discussed how great the need is to help people stay closer to their treatment centers. If there was a way to help people do that, we wanted to be involved. We thought of the long drives to Junction, COS, or Denver that those here in the Valley must make, and because of all that TETWP does for those it serves, our first thought was to approach Heidi to see if there may be a fit. We were thrilled at how receptive and excited she was about the idea of providing another layer of support.

Soon we were asked to work on a name and logo. Our first immediate thought was my Mom. After 12 years of on and off treatments, we lost her to ovarian cancer. She was a wonderful, loving woman who was kind, caring, strong yet soft. She was Mother, Mom, gram, friend, sister, daughter, supporter, defender, care giver, protector……so special to many people, and everything to me, and Norman was her 4th son whom she loved with all her heart. We wanted to honor her in a way that portrayed her….always providing comfort and support for others. So in memory of my mom, Lucille “Lucy” McElvain….we’re proud and happy to introduce and sponsor “Lucy’s House”.

Through TETWP, Lucy’s House will provide a place to stay close to treatment centers, so that instead of driving, more time can be spent healing. We hope you will share our enthusiasm and join us in supporting “Lucy’s House”.

Thank you!

Dorothy & Norman Eastwood

Lucy’s House serves an incredible need in our community and is making such a HUGE difference in the lives of so many. It not only helps those directly affected by cancer but allows their family members to be close to them as they face this terrible disease. Take a look at these amazing numbers:

2020 154 Nights of lodging – 16 individuals
2021 145 Nights of Lodging- 16 individuals
2022 164 Nights of Lodging – 16 individuals
2023 – January – September 375 Nights of Lodging – 22 individuals

Lucy’s House Is Making a Difference!

I  cannot thank TETWP for all their support. When first diagnosed with breast cancer there are so many things you don’t even know you need. But TETWP supporters know because they’ve helped many people through this. There are practical helps like hotels near the hospital and rides and there’s emotional assistance like support group meetings and texts wishing good luck with another surgery.

It’s hard to even imagine going through this without all the kind wonderful big and small acts that make such a huge difference during such a scary painful time. 

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Team Smile

Cattlemen's Days TETWP Team Smile LogoWinning the battle against breast cancer takes a toll on the body and mind. Chemotherapy and radiation, while killing cancer cells, can also cause serious damage to the mouth, which is the gateway to our bodies! The side effects hurt and can make it difficult to eat, talk and swallow. Infections are more prevalent and can be dangerous to the body when receiving treatment due to immune suppression. Some of the side effects to be aware of are painful mouth and gums, dry mouth, burning, peeling or swelling tongue, loosened teeth, and infections that can alter your taste. All of this can lead to an increase in cavities and tooth destruction. Loss of healthy teeth is not uncommon as result of treatment. TETWP has teamed up with several companies to help YOU maintain your oral health during cancer treatment. This bag of goodies contains products to help relieve dry mouth, reduce inflammation and help reduce painful mouth sores, as well as super soft toothbrushes and SoftPiks to help remove food and build up between your teeth. We have supplied choices for you to meet all your oral health needs! Please ask your dental health care professional, or reach out to Edie Gibson at  if you have any questions! StellaLife Vega Oral Care:

Team Smile Vega Oral CareVega Oral Care Recovery Kit is a homeopathic system formulated to reduce inflammation, accelerate healing of painful mouth sores, hydrate the mouth, and promote healthy gums!


3 • 3 • 3 StellaLife Program: 3 days before, 3 times per day, all 3 products

Apply 3 times per day, preferably after meals. Refrain from drinking or eating for at least 20 minutes after application. Use all three products at the same time in the order outlined.

STEP 1: VEGA Oral Rinse: Swish 1/2 – 3/4 tablespoonful (7ml to 10ml) for 1-2 minutes, expectorate.

STEP 2: VEGA Oral Spray (not the same as standalone Mist): Spray 4 times under the tongue.

STEP 3: VEGA Oral Gel: Apply to the gums with a cotton swab.


Team Smile CloSYSCloSYS for Ultra Sensitive mouth’s with Cloralstan® is the original patented formula that’s as gentle as using water because it comes totally unflavoredwith an optional flavor dropper (peppermint) so you control the flavor. If you have sores in your mouth, DO NOT add flavor!

CloSYS is gentle but powerful and the first mouth rinse awarded the ADA seal for eliminating bad breath.

Always; alcohol free • sulfate free • triclosan free • gluten free • dye free

  • Naturally activated by saliva
  • pH balanced for sensitive & dry mouths
  • Reduces plaque
  • Soothes the discomfort of mouth sores
  • Great for gum health
  • Use Kills 99.9% of germs for a noticeably cleaner and fresher mouth

Best Use: Rinse after each brushing for a noticeable fresher, cleaner feeling that lasts all day. Floss- brush- spit excess- rinse mouth with CloSYS immediately after brushing for 30 seconds. Gargle on the back of the throat and tonsils. Try not to eat or drink for 20 minutes after each brushing for optimum oral health.

GUM® Rincinol® P.R.N.Team Smile GUM Rincinol

GUM® Rincinol® P.R.N. mouth sore rinse is an aloe vera based formulation that helps promote the healing of mouth sores.  GUM® Rincinol® P.R.N. mouth sore rinse creates a thin, invisible, bioadhesive protective barrier which shields the sensitive nerve-endings from irritants such as food, drinks, braces, or dentures.

Rinse for 60 seconds then spit out. Pain relief should last up to 6 hours allowing sores to heal naturally.

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Friends of Pink

Cattlemen's Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink Programs: Friends of PinkFriends of Pink is our patient assistance fund. Since 2015, Friends of Pink has given $86,206.27 to help individuals in the Gunnison Valley who were impacted financially due to a breast cancer diagnosis (lost wages, travel expenses for treatment, etc.). Please find our Friends of Pink Application here.


Friend of Pink Program Update 1123

2015 $3,628.46 – 2 women, 2016 $24,734.73 – 8 women, 2017 $15,919.06 – 6 women, 2018 $12,649.54 – 6 women, 2019 $18,572.76 – 6 women, 2020 $11,979 – 8 women, 2021 $18,908.40 – 6 women, 2022 $32,088.65 – 9 women, 2023 $20,179.74 – 5 women

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Transportation Program

Tuffy the Truck “Tuffy” was the first Gunnison TETWP patient transportation vehicle. The 2016 Ram 1500 truck, custom-wrapped in the Cattlemen’s Days TETWP logo, is designated to safely transport Gunnison breast cancer patients requiring advanced treatment to medical centers outside the area.

In October 2016 when Tuffy was purchased, the truck was used to transport 11 breast cancer patients in the Gunnison Valley to treatment provided in a number of towns/cities in Colorado.

In the first three months after Bucky, the second TETWP transportation vehicle was generously donated, TETWP’s transportation services were opened up to ALL cancer patients from Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties. A BIG thank you to Carol Ann May and Jim Saindon for donating Bucky the 2018 Dodge Durango and to Russ Harrison for donating Betty Ann the 2020 Ford Explorer!Gunnison Tough Enough to Wear Pink Programs: TETWP Betty Ann of the transportation fleet.

To date, our vehicles have traveled thousands of miles since 2016. Many of these were put on in the last two years since the transportation program was opened to individuals with all forms of cancer. 90% of the miles are from patients’ use of the truck.

2023 to date: 31,540 miles traveled, 19 individuals
2022: 38,840 miles traveled, 14 individuals
2021: 34,470 miles traveled, 12 individuals
2020: 27,885 miles traveled, 13 individuals

TETWP Vehicle Sponsors Thank you to Sky High Offroad for keeping Bucky, Tuffy, and Betty Ann in tip-top shape from their tires to oil changes and our gratitude to the Crested Butte and Gunnison Rotary Clubs for their grants to pay for fuel.  This community effort makes a huge difference.  Be sure to tell these folks thank you next time you see them! Read more about how Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink is helping patients reach their appointments safely and comfortably.

Just knowing that I could look forward to a very comfortable ride in Toughy helped me tremendously. Aside from the very “coosh” and smooth ride, the truck symbolized my journey with breast cancer. – Anonymous Breast Cancer Patient Read more


Throughout my recent bout with breast cancer, I was so overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the never-ending concern and thoughtfulness of others. It truly warmed my heart. At the time, I wasn’t often able to voice how touched I was by these gestures. Tuffy became a symbol of the thoughtfulness and kindness that I experienced this past year. Each time that I was able to borrow Tuffy to travel to my numerous medical appointments and treatments, I felt “wrapped” in love and support from others, strangers and friends alike.  Thank you to all who make the availability of Tuffy (and Bucky) possible and to the wonderful TETWP organization! – Anonymous Breast Cancer Survivor


Cancer took us by surprise, requiring us to drop everything and go to Denver in the night, just as a South Park blizzard started blowing. It was just the first of several urgent trips, and just the first of a series of blizzards. Our car was damaged so badly it couldn’t be fixed. Unexpected expenses hit us from every side. And right when we needed help the most, TETWP was there, and has stayed there at our side. Saying ‘thanks’ is hardly enough. -Ellen Pederson and Luke Danielson


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Catalyst Coaching As a life coach, my goal is to co-create a more centered life with you.  Together we will take a look at where you are now, brainstorm and craft your optimal life narrative, have the courage to examine the themes and patterns that are blocking your living optimally, and cultivate the tools specific to your success.  I am committed to using my accrued skills and wisdom to help your soul shine! Please see my website for more about me and the details of the packages I offer: Interested?  Use the Contact tab on my website to send me a message and we can set up a 20-minute consultation.  I’ll offer the 6 and 8 week packages through Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink at a 20% discount. I’m honored to be able to offer my services via TETWP and I’d love to hear from you. Courtney

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Ortho-Bionomy TETWP Program

Ortho-Bionomy® Program

A wonderfully generous new program for TETWP.  Karen Reader of Mountain Nugget Bodywork donates one session per week of Ortho-Bionomy® sessions to breast cancer patients in the Gunnison Valley!  Her website has lots of great information about this practice. It is truly incredible and can be great for our ladies as they get through their cancer diagnosis and after they are through it all.

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Make It A Great Day

Gunnison Tough Enough to Wear Pink Programs: Make It A Great DayCattlemen’s Days Tough Enough To Wear Pink is pleased to announce a new program called “Make It A Great Day!” which helps Gunnison Valley residents who are diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers living in the same household by providing coupons to utilize the services of Integrative Therapies.

When our good friend and TETWP volunteer extraordinaire Edie Gibson was diagnosed with breast cancer and endured a double mastectomy, we wanted to honor her by creating this program!

Edie has always said “Make It A Great Day” on her voice messages and emails and we believe in sending this positive message to the community, so TETWP pledged $3600.00 to get this program started. Integrative Therapies is a program in conjunction with Gunnison Valley Hospital and consists of practitioners, teachers, physicians, nurses, therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, counselors, pastors, intuitives, coaches, trainers, artists, dancers, green builders, adventure guides, etc who have come together with the intention of expanding the awareness of the array of wellbeing support here in the Gunnison Valley.

“Make It A Great Day”  TETWP coupons will be provided to cancer patients through their health care providers or Integrative Therapies.    The many therapies offered such as reiki, massage, acupuncture, light therapy, nutrition, etc have been proven to help cancer patients stay strong mentally and physically while they are going through their surgeries and treatments. Research findings show that integrative therapies can help to boost the immune system, reduce pain, and help patients stay strong:

  • There is substantial evidence that acupuncture can help to manage treatment-related nausea and vomiting in cancer patients.
  • Studies suggest that massage therapy may help to relieve symptoms experienced by people with cancer, such as pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression.
  • There is evidence that mindfulness-based stress reduction, a type of meditation training, can help cancer patients relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue, and general mood and sleep disturbances, thus improving their quality of life.
  • Preliminary evidence indicates that yoga may help to improve anxiety, depression, distress, and stress in people with cancer. It also may help to lessen fatigue in breast cancer patients and survivors.
  • Various studies suggest possible benefits of hypnosis, relaxation therapies, and biofeedback to help patients manage cancer symptoms and treatment side effects.

Make It a Great Day


The goal of Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough To Wear Pink in conjunction with Integrative Therapies and Gunnison Valley Health is to take excellent care of our Gunnison Valley locals in every way we can when they are diagnosed with cancer.

For more information please contact Eva Paul at 970 648-7103 or Heidi Sherratt at 970 209-6332. We have many people using the “Make It A Great Day” coupons already and would be available for interviews on how this program is helping them through a challenging time.  Edie Gibson, who is a well-loved member of this community would also be happy to talk to you about her recent experience with breast cancer and this new TETWP program.

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Pink Sisters Therapy Group

Gunnison Tough Enough to Wear Pink Programs: Women's Breast Care Services

Cattlemen’s Days TETWP Pink Sisters Breast Cancer Therapy Groups are held monthly. Please contact our Program Coordinator, Lana Athey, for details and the location at 970-306-1688.  Details about meetings will be posted on our Facebook Events Page.

Read more about the TETWP Breast Cancer Therapy Group here.

Living Journeys Cancer Support Group Meetings

Please click here to see a current calendar of Cancer Support Group Meetings including the TETWP Breast Cancer Therapy Group.

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Blue Sky Cleaning Logo

TETWP Home Cleaning Service for Breast Cancer Patients

Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink is excited to announce a new service available to breast cancer patients in the Gunnison Valley. TETWP will provide complementary coupons for two 4 hour home cleaning sessions for breast cancer patients as they undergo treatment. Blue Sky Cleaning has generously offered to provide these services at a discounted rate.

About Blue Sky

Blue Sky Cleaning has been providing professional residential house cleaning services since 2013, with a reputation for quality and reliability. At Blue Sky, we are committed to honoring our own loved ones and helping people suffering from cancer by: Providing house cleaning services to women undergoing treatment for cancer. Blue Sky utilizes natural, organic cleaning products as an alternative to the cancer causing chemicals used in traditional cleaning products. We will focus on your house, so you can focus on recovery, spending time with loved ones, or putting your feet up after a long week.


“Blue Sky is reliable, flexible, and able to take care of me even in the busy seasons.  I couldn’t do it without them.” – Angie, Crested Butte   “I’m a busy mom of four.  I don’t have time to clean my house.  Thanks, Blue Sky for making it easy.” – Amy, CB South

How to Apply

If you’re interested in accessing these services please contact Lana Athey at cell: 970.306.1688 home:970.641.7493

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Adriana Villalobos (Sparky), namesake of Gunnison Tough Enough to Wear Pink Program, Sparky's FundSparky’s Fund


Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink has created a scholarship fund for Gunnison County youth with a parent that has been diagnosed with cancer.

The scholarship is specifically designed to help ease some stress on families dealing with a cancer diagnosis and everything that comes along with the diagnosis by helping to cover the cost of extracurricular activities, summer programming, college tuition, or other opportunities for youth that the family would otherwise not be able to access while going through treatment. 

Sparky’s Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Adriana Villalobos (Sparky), a loving wife, mother, coach, and early childhood educator.



2021 – $3,125 to 3 children who lost a parent to cancer for their college fund
2023 – $6,025 6 Families Served -1 family vacation contribution, 2 college tuition contributions, 1 child’s bike purchase, 1 child care tuition contribution, 1 child’s school clothing

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