Tough Enough to Wear Pink Cattlemen's Days Rodeo

Casting for Recovery


Cattlemen’s Days TETWP is sending two lucky ladies to a Casting for Recovery Retreat in October. Apply now!

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Dean Dillon at the Concert & Auction

Delicious Medicine


Community Wellness Event. See the story and photos.

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Jeffrey Steele at the 2015 Concert and Auction

2015 Cattlemen's Days Rodeo

During the 2015 Cattlemen’s Days Rodeo, Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night, ten beautiful horses ran around the arena. The horses represented ten years of TETWP in the Gunnison Valley. They ran free and wild…just as TETWP is trying to free this community of breast cancer.

2015 Cattlemen's Days Queen, Taylor Barnes


Tim Nichols Captures the Crowd.

Hike or Ride the Peak for Living Journeys

Our Mission:

Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink (TETWP) is dedicated to providing local funding for breast cancer awareness, prevention, education, support, breast screenings and equipment.

Making a difference in a spirited community

They never imagined the meaningful success which would ignite when it was decided to bring Wrangler’s Tough Enough to Wear Pink to the Gunnison Valley in 2005. It is remarkable to witness what a few friends can accomplish in a small community… just by sheer passion to make a difference.

Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink (TETWP) continues to be successful beyond expectations. All of the money TETWP raises stays in the Gunnison Valley and one of our goals is to make Gunnison Valley Health the number one rural hospital for breast cancer care in the U.S.

Thanks to the vision and dedication of award winning singer songwriter Dean Dillon — as well as donors, sponsors and volunteers — TETWP has raised over one million dollars to be used exclusively in this community. We have big plans for the future and are excited to be working with Gunnison Valley Health and other local nonprofit organizations to provide better services, financial assistance, and education for breast cancer.

Dr. Timothy GVH Partnership with Cattlemen's Days Tough Enough to Wear PinkWe also want thank all of the donors and volunteers who have made TETWP successful… we could not accomplish our mission and goals without you. Thank you for your tremendous support and for caring so deeply about Tough Enough to Wear Pink!

The passion behind this organization is compellingly strong. I am honored to be chosen to be the TETWP Executive Director… and along with our newly appointed Board of Directors, we are enthusiastic about our plans moving forward.

Warm wishes to all,
Heidi Sherratt Bogart
TETWP Executive Director

We are a 501(C)(3) organization.

Please see a list of our current sponsors – THANK YOU!

Cattlemen’s Days Booklet PDF, information about Cattlemen’s Days and Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink.

How We Have Helped the Gunnison Valley

According to the National Cancer Institute 49-52 residents of Gunnison County seek treatment for various types of cancer every year. All monies raised assists the residents of Gunnison and Hinsdale counties providing support in education, mammograms, ultrasounds and further diagnosis.

  • Total fundraising to date is $1,635,000
  • 2015 fundraising campaigns raised $260,000
  • $373,000 funded in mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies since 2006
  • 2014 purchased new ultrasound machine & trained hospital staff to use it $141,000
  • $75,000 in 2015 to help purchase vacuum assisted equipment to perform ultrasound guided biopsies and stereostatic biopsies at GVH
  • $2,228 in 2015 to Living Journeys to fund individual and group therapy for emotional support
  • $2,000 to Casting for Recovery to send two Gunnison Country Ladies to the 2016 Fly Fishing Retreat for breast cancer survivors
  • $2,500 in 2015  through Friends in Pink to provide assistance to individuals diagnosed with breast cancer who are impacted financially
  • 2012 – Purchased robes and robe warmers for mammogram patients to keep them warm during the procedures
  • Friends of Pink provides assistance to individuals diagnosed with breast cancer who are impacted financially (lost wages, travel expenses for treatment, etc.)
  • 2010 – Awarded Gunnison Valley Hospital $75,000 to help upgrade to a digital technology platform for mammography, a state of the art ultrasound machine and hospital staff training
  • Provided (with help from Wrangler) to the Gunnison 4-H program $1,000 for scholarships in nursing or medicine.

“ Gunnison Valley Health and Tough Enough To Wear Pink have collaborated on a strategic plan to bring the best in breast care services to the Valley. We could not have done this without the support of Tough Enough to Wear Pink. ”    

– Rob Santilli, CEO Gunnison Valley Health

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Patients: click here for the Friends of Pink Assistance Fund Application.


Thank you to our incredible sponsors. You have made a big difference! Title Sponsor: Soma. Gold Buckle Sponsors: Wrangler, Castle Creek Ranch, and Rock House Ranch.


Photo by Chris Rourke


We greatly appreciate your donations to Cattlemen's Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink!  Your donations help fight breast cancer in the Gunnison Valley.

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